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About Us

About Optimist Divers

The Red Sea Diving Experts

Welcome to Optimist Divers


If you’ve not heard of us before, let us introduce ourselves.

We’ve been in the business for over a decade and are one of first diving centers in Hurghada.

When it comes to diving in the Red Sea, we’re the experts.

If you’re a beginner, experienced or an expert, we’ve got all sorts of diving courses – from entry-level to divemaster. That’s not all.

Optimist Divers can help you to dive in the best spots in Hurghada, Egypt, Red sea.

Safety always first and is our absolute priority, our ambition is to provide the best and safest care possible for our clients.

Our Passion our work is our passion, we love whate we do and would love our experience with you - that's what makes us different.

Our Mission our business to see that you get exactly what you want and expect from your dive package, without any unwanted surprises.

Role & Responsibility as a member of the diving community, we take our role and responsibility to the marine environment seriously, this is why we starting our corals school to help of marine conservation, so by booking your diving trip with us, you are also helping to protect our oceans and animals

Repeat customers are entitled to a 5% discount off future bookings with us.



Diving & Islands Trips

Diving in the best dive sites in Hurghada to explore the magic red sea marine life, and tropical islands in hurghada to experience the beauty of white sandy beaches.

Diving Courses

From beginner level to continuing education classes, even professional level courses, start with us today!.

Private boats

If you have something special to celebrate, treat your best friends or your family on a private boat tour on the Red Sea .

Safety first always

Safety is our absolute priority, our ambition is to provide the best and safest care possible for our clients.

Ready to travel with real adventure and enjoy natural


Certificate of excellence May-2024

Certificate of excellence May-2024

PADI Certificate of excellence May-2024
Marta Pietrzak.

Certificate of excellence Sep-2023

Certificate of excellence Sep-2023

PADI Certificate of excellence Sep-2023
Marta Pietrzak.

CDWS - ISO/IEC 17065

CDWS - ISO/IEC 17065

ISO/IEC 17065
CDWS - Chamber of Diving & Water .