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Moray eels


Moray - 5 interesting facts

Moray eels are mysterious creatures that live in the depths of the Red Sea and are one of the most amazing inhabitants of the underwater world. These creatures attract the attention of divers exploring the depths of the sea in the area of Hurghada, a popular resort in Egypt.

Diving in Hurghada provides a unique opportunity to come face to face with these amazing creatures that have become a symbol of the underwater life of the Red Sea.

join us on board one of our diving or snorkeling trips to come face to face with these amazing creatures. 

Holidays in Egypt with its rich underwater world and crystal clear waters attract many tourists who want to enjoy the beauty of the marine fauna. Excursions in Hurghada offer a unique opportunity to experience a variety of marine life, including moray eels.

The Optimist Diving Club in Hurghada is one of the popular places where scuba diving enthusiasts can gain experience and knowledge from professional instructors, as well as meet amazing creatures of the underwater world, including moray eels.

So, let's dive into the world of moray eels and learn five interesting facts about them:

  1.  Unique Appearance: Moray eels have a long body covered with smooth skin, and the lack of scale makes their appearance amazingly sleek and attractive.
  2. Species Diversity: There are about 200 species of moray eels in the world, varying in size, color and behavior. Each species has its own unique characteristics.
  3. Predatory Lifestyle: Moray eels are carnivores and feed on a variety of marine animals such as fish, squid and crabs. Their sharp teeth help them capture prey.
  4. Excellent swimmers: Moray eels are excellent swimmers due to their slender body and ease of movement. They can move quickly in the water and maneuver among corals.
  5. Aggressive Defense: When threatened, moray eels can open their mouths, showing sharp teeth and a readiness to defend themselves. However, in most cases, moray eels prefer to avoid conflicts and move away from danger.

Meeting a moray eel while diving will be an unforgettable experience for any lover of the underwater world. Their graceful movement and unique appearance will leave an unforgettable impression and give you the pleasure of observing one of the most striking characters of the underwater world of the Red Sea.