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Scuba Diving Equipment

Scuba Diving Equipment

Information about diving, and diving equipments.

Egypt is a favorite destination for scuba diving enthusiasts. It is here in the Red Sea that there are incredibly beautiful colorful coral reefs and a lot of marine life. In this article we have collected useful information for you with a brief overview of diving equipment.



suits help to keep you warm and provide protection about the elements, and available as a long and short suits.


A BCD is an inflatable jacket that allows you to stay buoyant while diving.


A regulator provides the air you breath at the correct pressure.


Scuba tanks hold pressurised air, allowing you to breath & stay underwater.


A mask creates an airpocket for your eyes, allowing you to see underwater.


Fins provide the propulsion that makes it possible to swim.


The dive computer is designed to calculate the time and depth of a dive.


An underwater light allows the diver to illuminate the surrounding area underwater, as well as provide signals. In modern diving, flashlights are used for night diving, as well as diving in caves and wrecks.


Boots are boots made of neoprene that provide thermal protection (retain heat), as well as protection from punctures, cuts, etc.


Weights is designed to regulate buoyancy, it allows the diver to dive, and in combination with the buoyancy compensator helps to maintain the desired depth.